This piece, if you  select according to the quality Sekisyu disaster preventive roofing tile 'Gao'.

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    The material is different. The hardening is different. 
    The thickness is different. The skillfulness is different. The shape is different.
    That is why Sekisyu Roofing tiles are said
    to be high quality roofing tiles.
    Material / Firing Temperature / Thickness / Featuring / Shape

Color Choice

    Dark Silver, Silver, Straight Black, Sepia, Original, Sunshine Red, Pastel Orange

Specs. of the Product

    Sekisyu disaster  prevention roofing tile 'Gao' / The outline of the quality of the material

Allocation Size of Roofing Tiles (The Size of Length is mm)

    Beamwise direction / Cross-beamwise direction

「Gao」Construction Example

島根県浜田市金城町 久佐公民館

  • 島根県浜田市金城町 久佐公民館
  • 島根県浜田市金城町 久佐公民館
  • 島根県浜田市金城町 久佐公民館

島根県江津市波子町 見張り棟

  • 島根県江津市波子町 見張り棟
  • 島根県江津市波子町 見張り棟