Produces reusable goods, Makes use of recyclable materials
Finds the essence of craftsmanship in the statement above.

SERIAL TUNNELING KILN - which meets the versatile firing needs

produces high-quality ceramics
enables the firing temperature to climb as high as 1250℃ (2,282°F)
Roofing tiles of good quality cannot be manufactured without the high technology of the Sekisyu kiln.
The higher the firing temperature goes up, the better the quality of ceramic products becomes. The kiln in Sekisyu, the western part of Shimane Prefecture, enables the firing temperature to climb up to the highest in Japanese pottery, almost high enough to make porcelain.
The roofing tiles produced in this area have gained a good reputation as strong and sturdy roofing materials for 400 years, because they’re impervious to water and don’t break even when they are frozen.
According to recent analysis, they are found to be strong against harm caused by salty wind or acid rain and effective in insulating from heat or noise. These are the results of being produced by the firing temperature as high as 1250℃ (2,282°F).

These seven characteristics speak the tiles’potential.

The Specs. of the tunneling kiln